The pandalion aka Panda is a 30-something (she’s losing count) front-end developer from the UK. It’s kind of funny how we define ourselves by our job title isn’t it? Panda is lots of things. She certainly loves coding, especially writing Sass, using Git, working in teams (she’s no rockstar), mentoring junior developers and creating awesome stuff, but she also loves:

  • videogames (she started with the C64 and hasn’t looked back)
  • drawing cute things (see some on facebook at Pandalion Doodles)
  • hanging out with her partner and their cat baby
  • eating at restaurants
  • listening to pop-punk music from the 90s (her favourite band are still blink-182)
  • riding on steam trains
  • having cosy feet (who doesn’t though?)

Panda is currently part of the awesome Open Digital team @ Open Health.