Kicking off my blog with something I made a few years ago but that is still cute, and might be useful to some people - a cute lion created purely with CSS, making use of CSS3 keyframe animations, and written as a simple example of how Sass can help you write more effective CSS with less repetition.

See the Pen Mr. CSS Lion by Pandalion (@thepandalion) on CodePen.

Sass is a CSS extension language that adds a whole bunch of useful features on top of CSS, and lets you organise your code a lot more too. You can select “Sass” below to see my walkthrough of the code, and you can tell from my comments, I was very excited about the useful stuff Sass lets you do, and I still am today, even though we have a lot more of these things (such as variables) in CSS itself these days.

So bear in mind this is a bit old, I no longer generally have the need to use Compass, and keep my own library of mixins, sometimes using Bourbon. Also I haven’t found a good reason to make an animal with CSS since then, but it was definitely fun! :D