It’s almost the new year and it seemed a good excuse for a new site. To be honest one of the main reasons is more that my old blog was written in Python/Django, which was a great learning exercise, but - and particularly the hosting of - was more than I need at this moment in time. (Related, if you are interested in learning Python/Django, and whether you’re a girl or not a girl, I highly recommend the Django Girls Tutorial).

For what I need these days, I decided to go with Jekyll as it’s my preferred way for making static sites, it’s so easy to get up and running and perfect for a simple blog, but also allows me all of the control over my templates and styling that I may want. Layout-wise, I started with the Jekyll theme, Minima and customised it a bit. I considered creating my blog layout from scratch - obviously being a front-end developer, it’s something I do in my day-to-day job everyday - although I am lucky enough to work with talented designers who are designing fantastic interfaces. I do find I struggle with blank canvases these days though, so having a point to get started from has helped me get something together rather than procrastinate for too long!

It feels kind of hard to admit - like a weakness - but I’ve always struggled a bit with personal projects much more than with client work. I always like to get a very solid idea of why something is needed and what it is trying to achieve. That combined with the deadline and working in a team of talented people, all make me very motivated. However, when it’s my own thing I tend to get more paralysed by perfectionism, the fear of something being “good enough”, or perhaps the many ideas of what a thing could be.

So anyway, here is my new site and it is a starting point and a place where I can write things and that is good. More things to come!